Return & Refund Policy

Return Policy

Every single product is backed by a 12-months warranty and a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. Exceptional circumstances will be listed clearly in the listing.


Our site return policy suit for our official site product and other site sell our brand Vevor product is not our responsibility.


Support free Return reason:

  1. Arrived damage

If your product is damaged on the way, it’s our obligation except damaged by people. When your product is broken you need send us the broken product photos.


  1. Missing part

If your product parts is detective or missing, we can send you the replacement parts for you or partially refund you firstly, if your products parts is infecting your product function, and you can’t repair it by yourself or local technique person, we will consider replace new item to you.


  1. Wrong item sent

If you received our product is not same as the product listing apparently, you can send the product photos to us, we will make the return for you.


  1. Doesn’t work or defective

     a.When you received the product is not work, you can ask our customer service for the problem, we will give you the related technically reply, if it is still not work, you can ask for returning.

         b.When you received the product is defective, you can ask our customer service to give you technique support or solution, if you can repair it by yourself or local store, we will give you some compensation.



    Not support free return

    1. Arrived too late

    a. If you waited the product is on long time, and you needn’t want the product, we apologize for you that the situation occured. You know our site a quality products are heavy product the processing delivery time is more than the light package.


      b. If the product is out of stock and you received it too late, we can make some compensation for you such as reward you the coupon code, or few partially refund.


        1. Don’t want it

        If you received the item, and change your mind, don’t want it anymore, order it by mistake, change mind, the price has changed, you can not return and refund process.

        1. Doesn’t match the description

        If you received the item has some function not as the product description or image you can feedback the issue to us, we will according to the cause reason decision the return freight fee.


        1. Doesn’t seem authentic

        Our brand product all is new, and our brand has started 4-5 years, you can search our product on other platform.


        1. Without manual or Non-standard manual

        When you received the product is defective, you can first inquiry our customer service email, we will send you the word or video installation operation manual.


        1. Doesn’t fit

        If you received the product size is not fit you fact needs caused by us, you can first ask our give you the fit solution. If the product size is not fit you fact nee.


        Not Support Return Reason:

        1. Item was polluted by used wrong way, we have no obligation for it.
        2. Item was damaged in the usage through caused by mistake, we have no obligation for it.



        How to return the original product?

        1. If you want to return the original products, please contact us(, we will provide you the return address, then please contact the express company pick up it.


        How about the return shipping fee?

        About return shipping fee reference the above rules, if your return condition belong to free return we will pay your the return shipping fee, otherwise the fees take it by yourself.


        How about after return item?

        1. If you want to resend it, after you start delivering the original item, you can notify us send you the new item.


        1. If you want to refund it, after the original product has arrived our warehouse, you can notify us full refund you.


         How do you get the return place?

        You can contact our email:


        Note: All explaining authorization belong to us. If you have any problem you can talk about us!


        Refund Policy

        If you need to return a product and get a refund, please contact us before shipping it back.


        Satisfying Guarantee for Every Purchase

        Dear customer, If for any reason you are not satisfied with an item purchased from Vevor, please contact us before applying for a return or refund. A prompt exchange should be issued within 30 days of delivery in original packaging and with proof of purchase from Vevor.


        Please do check everything carefully after you received the parcel, any the damage except DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) would not be covered if it's related to artificial damage. If your item has been damaged in transit or becomes faulty in the warranty period, please email us with pictures or video to show the problem.


        1. All returns must be pre-approved. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.
        2. Check twice to confirm the item not work and contact our customer service representative, let us know the detailed problem and send us some pictures for confirmation.
        3. The same warranty is provided for replaced products as the returned ones.


        If you are shipping the product

        1. Carefully pack the item(s) in the original package.
        2. Stick the shipping label we offered on the outer
        3. The refund would be processed after the item is received by our warehouse staff, which is confirmed to be unopened and in good condition.
        4. For assistance on return, please send a message to
        5. You should ship the item back to our warehouse, and you must choose the right warehouse. If you don't know the correct warehouse, please contact us. 


        How long you will receive the refund money?

        1. If you paid the credit card, after you receive the refund email, you will receive the refund money 3-15 days(according to the customer owner credit card company transtering time).
        2. If you paid Paypal, after you receive the refund email, you will receive the refund money on time.



        If the return is caused by the consumer, consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee. The specific fee should be based on the express company you choose.

        If due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.

        No restocking fee to be charged to the consumers for the return of a product.